The Foreign Minister of Russian Federation S. Lavrov Held Talks with Representatives of Leading NGO's of Russia
: 26/02/2009

On February 12 the Foreign Minister of Russian Federation S. Lavrov held annual talks with leading Russian NGO's that collaborate with Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the field of international relations. Gulvayra Shermatova, president of "L'auravetl'an Information and Education Network of Indigenous Peoples" represented our organization. The meeting was productive. The participants talked about NGO's contribution to the work of international organizations such as UNO, OSCE, and Council of Europe. They discussed taxation, legislation, exchange programmes, etc. The Minister made special mention of many Russian NGOs' attempts to break an informational blackout, tell the world the truth, and help victims during Caucasian crisis. According to Mr. Lavrov the Ministry will continue to support promoting of relations between Russian NGOs and CIS's partners the most important area of Russian foreign policy. Development of international cultural and humanitarian collaboration is a priority line of foreign policy in whole. Ministry of Foreign Affairs goes on with its consulting and organizational help to Russian NGOs during international forums, especially when achieving status with varying international agencies. At present 41 Russian organizations have special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, 14 ones are participants or partners of CE International NGO Conference. III regional CE Congress of NGOs in Penza of last year indicates maturity of civil society and its growing contribution to solution of government goals.
At the end of his speech Sergey Lavrov touched a topic of financial support of public organizations. In compliance with orders of the President of Russia they are taking steps to establish a grant-giving agency under Ministry of Foreign Affairs to encourage NGOs working in the field of international affairs. In conclusion the Minister noted that the Ministry appreciates interaction with leading Russian NGOs and it intends to proceed with it on equal terms.
Gulvayra Shermatova,
President of LIENIP