Pyzha Coal Deposit, 15 years later
: 26/02/2009

Pyzha basin is a unique place with mountain air, fine cedars, silver firs, various animals and birds. It is reach in healing water sources. It has a good potential for tourism and recreation. All this treasure is in danger again.
As far back as 15 years ago they planned to mine it for coal. In the early eighties they struck coking coal in Pyzha taiga and began to explore it. Analysis of well waters revealed presence of mineral water. They had never advertised value and supply of healing water since that.
The question of coal mining has been brought up again recently (;;
In 2007 community "Albagan" inquired Mineral Resources Department of Altai Republic about geographical description of Pyzha coal deposit, expected production rating of coal mining, number of cubic metres of cut off wood, state environmental impact assessment, name of coal producer. Mineral Resources Department reported that Pyzha coal deposit is put on the List at the instance of Altai Republic's government and environmental impact will be appraised after acquisition of right to use mineral resources and execution of documents.
Today when they plan to mine Pyzha coal deposit without permission of the public again we require extensive media coverage of developments concerning Pyzha coal deposit and we demand that official bodies give an answer in mass media.
Irina Solodukha,
Director of Information Center "Birlik"

Boris Sapkin,
Chairman of Turochak District Communities' "Biya" Union

Emma Tuimesheva,
Chairman of Territorial Community "Altyn Kyol" (Artybash)

Zinaida Bakasheva,
Chairman of Territorial Community "Pyzha" (Ust-Pyzha)

Tamara Borboyakova,
Chairman of Territorial Community "Tan Chaan" (Kebezen)