First Congress of Small Indigenous Peoples of Maima District (Altai Republic)
: 26/02/2009

Congress of Small Indigenous Peoples of Biryulya Settlement (Maima District) organized by Biryulya Settlement's administration took place on February 18, 2009 in Urlu-Aspak. E. Ponpa, head of Maima District; P. Balakin, chairman of Deputies' Council of Maima District, I. Solodukha, chairman of Information Center "Birlik" and 36 delegates (Tubalars, Kumandins, Altai-Kizhi) from Urlu-Aspak, Saidys, Biryulya, and Maima took part in the congress. At the congress they touched upon the issues of socio-economic development strategy of Biryulya Settlement. It was talked of the need of establishment of indigenous organization (territorial community) to develop culture, traditions, and language as well as to have an influence on distribution of ground areas and forest lands. I. Solodukha's speech was of high interest as population of the district has little acquaintance with indigenous laws. Participants asked many questions about taxes, free timber, pension, federal and republican programmes of socio-economic development of small-numbered indigenous peoples, etc.

Anzhela Seulekova,
Teacher of Altaian and literature (Urlu-Aspak)