Training Course in Krasnoyarsk Center: First Meeting
: 21/03/2009

Regular training course Education in the Field of Human Rights and Rights of Indigenous Peoples started in Krasnoyarsk Center on 16 March. 8 representatives of Krasnoyarsk Krais indigenous peoples are taking part in the course.
Interns met with Semyon Palchin, Commissioner for the Rights of Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples of Krasnoyarsk Krai, on 19 March. They debated a lot of questions. The participants discussed new Conception of Sustainable Development of Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia, and the Far East of the Russian Federation. They also talked over possibility of elaboration of Krais Conception of Development of Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples of Krasnoyarsk Krai. They paid special attention to elaboration of legislative regulations of small-numbered indigenous peoples support in the united Krai. Unified laws cause not unfounded concern: intensive unification may lead to loss of individual approach to solution of problems of peoples living on different territories. The other question is the need to delegate a part of states authority to local self-government because many everyday problems concerning traditional living of indigenous peoples are to be solved by local efforts in place of trying waiting for Krais decision. For example shooting of partridge and catch of smelt became seriously complicated owing to late scheduling of hunting season and fixing of quotas. S.Palchin told about the work of Commissioner for the Rights and his prospects.
The matter of Evenk hydroplant was also not passed by.
During the meeting interns S.Kondiyakov and Yu.Kondiyakova addressed the Commissioner an appeal concerning closure of elementary school in Pasechnoye Village (place of compact habitation of Chulyms). S. Palchin promised to examine the question and assist in opening of the school. Elena Nechushkina,
Director of Informational Legal Center of Indigenous Peoples of Krasnoyarsk Krai