Round Table Lake Teletskoye UNESCO World Heritage Site in Altai Republic
: 28/03/2009

On 20 March 2009 interns of Information Center Birlik took part in the seminar Lake Teletskoye UNESCO World Heritage Site organized by UNDP/GEF, Natural Resources Ministry of Altai Republic, Legislative Assembly El Kurultai of Altai Republic, Altaisky State Reserve, non-commercial partnership Orion.
At the seminar they discussed problems of Lake Teletskoye and ways of their solution; nature conservation and socio-economic aspects of tourism on its territory; preservation of culture, history, and nature; preservation of traditional unexhaustive forms of nature management of indigenous population of Altai Republic.

Lake Teletskoye is UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the largest mountain lake in Russia and it is the second largest freshwater lake in Siberia.
At the present time indigenous peoples Tubalars, Telengits, and Chelkans live on the banks of the lake. They hunt, fish, and gather berries, mushrooms, cedar nuts, etc. as ever. They also talked much of problem of garbage. There are no dumps on the banks of Lake Teletskoye in Artybash Settlement. Water is being polluted by boats fuel. The problem has not been solved yet. Camping sites keep throwing liquid and solid wastes into unauthorized dumps. In spring the sewage flow to the lake and Biya River and there are no other places people of Artybash and Iogach Settlements to water.
We hope they will take measures to recover industrial and domestic wastes with safety ecological precautions. During his meeting with interns D. Gaisin, key specialist of Tourism and Enterprise Ministry of Altai Republic, explained that they are going to allocate 5 million rubles this year and 11 million rubles next year to Atrybash Settlement within the bounds of republican programme Waste Products (2008 2010).
Denis Eduyekov (Iogach Settlement),
Intern of Information Center Birlik