News from Khakassia
: 05/09/2009

Summer is the time to make plans and apply for grants. After the chairmen of indigenous communities Taymyr and Mystag took part in the republican seminar The Russian Federation Legislation and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples organized by the regional public organization Informational Center of Indigenous Peoples of Khakassia Aran Chula on May 14-15, 2009 they decided to apply the acquired knowledge immediately. They drew up projects aimed to preserve and develop traditional Shorian culture, traditions and customs, to cultivate love for the native land and regard for the nature in the youth and to promote the healthy life-style. Let us hope they will be lucky and get grants. Good luck to them!
Representatives of Khakass indigenous peoples will study at the prestigious Kh.Yasavi International Kazakh-Turkish University. Teachers of this university came to Khakassia on July 5-12 to administer a test. According to the results 6 most successful university entrants will become students and learn interesting and needed trades in a few years. Informational Center Aran Chula concluded a long-term association agreement with the university and undertook an obligation of information support and organization of tests in Khakassia. Our republic is in need of highly qualified national personnel.
Lev Nerbyshev,
Director of "Aran Chula"