Meeting on Preservation and Use of Archeological Monuments in Altai Republic
: 16/12/2009

The Ministry of Culture of the Altai Republic held a meeting on preservation and use of archeological monuments in specially preserved territories and municipalities. The event was held on initiative of the Family indigenous community of Telengits Mezhelik (Kyzyl-Tash Settlement, Kosh-Agach District). V.E. Konchev, minister of culture of the Altai Republic, presided over a meeting. N.V. Tudenev, chairman of the Culture, Education, Science and Public Relations Department of the Altai Republic; B.K. Alushkin, El Bashchy of Altaians; I.V. Solodukha, chairman of Information Center Birlik; D. Mamyev, director of Nature Park Un Enmek; A.V. Edeshev, Aga-Zaisan of Kosh-Agach District; A.S. Surazakov, candidate of historical sciences of S.S. Surazakov Institute of Altaic Studies; A.V. Ebel, candidate of historical sciences of Anokhin National museum of the Altai Republic; directors of republican nature parks and media were invited to attend the meeting.
There are approximately 30,000 archeological monuments on the territory of the Altai Republic. If one take into account that one object may include tens of objects then the scope of the work becomes enormous. Development of infrastructure and growing number of tourists enhance damage and loss of unique historical and cultural monuments. Today mainly non-commercial organizations concern problems of these objects preservation, though these organizations cannon have staff inspectors because of lack of authority. Moreover most of discovered objects have no registration certificates and they are not registered, this makes it impossible to bring guilty persons to responsibility for damage. To solve the problem of inventory responsible authority, in this case, Agency on Cultural and Historic Heritage of the Altai Republic, do not have enough resources, transport, personnel and permissions. To make an inventory of one object one should address several total different agencies such as Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Culture, Agency on Cultural and Historic Heritage of the Altai Republic, Land Use Committee, Architecture Department, etc.
Participants of the meeting met with support from all present public agents and they arrived at a common opinion that there should be complex discussion of the topic. Therefore on the initiative of A. Shonkhorov, chairman of community Mezhelik, they decided to establish a Council on Preservation and Use of Historical and Cultural heritage under the Ministry of Culture of the Altai Republic. The Councils key task will be improvement of normative base for this field.
A bonus to the event was handing of Telengit house of worship Takyl registration certificate to R. Tadyrov, chairman of Kosh-Agach Community Association Ere-Chui. Representatives of the Muslim community Tablik have attempted destroying and defacing of Takyl. Now such actions will not remain unpunished.
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