Russia is Concerned with the Problem of Indigenous Peoples Access to Renewable Resources
: 25/04/2010
: Indigenous Issues

The regular session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues carries on its work in New York City. The special theme is development with culture and identity.
The official representative of Russia Roman Kashaev told the Forum participants that in the past two years the authorities have been actively working on legalization of indigenous peoples rights. Last year the concept of their sustainable development was approved:
"One of the pressing issues in the field of protection of indigenous people rights is still the problem of their priority access to renewable natural resources - fishing and hunting grounds. At present the joint work of the legislative and executive authorities and civil society to amend the relevant laws of the Russian Federation on fishery and conservation of living aquatic resources, on hunting and reindeer breeding is being carried out".
Roman Kashaev noted that last year the government gave indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation 600 million rubles of subsidies.
UNO Radio