Learning to Project
: 29/04/2010

The training workshop was held in Krasnogorskoye (Altai Krai) as part of the socially significant project "Creation of Network of Information Centers for Consultant Services to Organizations and Communities of Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples" of interregional public organization "Information and Education Network of Indigenous Peoples "Lauravetlan" and with financial support from the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. The workshop aimed at improving institutional capacity and competitiveness of the local community of indigenous peoples - Kumandins. Our newly established Information Center acted as a coordinator when holding the workshop. Altai regional public organization of Kumandins "Istok" and the regional public organization "Information Center of Indigenous Peoples of Altai Republic "Birlik" took an active part in organization and work of the workshop.

The workshop lasted for two days, 22 and 23 April, with a sufficiently impressive number of participants. At least only those who filled in a form were 20 in number at the end of the workshop. But we must admit that there was audience from among interested residents of Krasnogorskoye who attended the workshop, in a manner of speaking, occasionally. Head of the Environmental Education Department of the Altai Nature Biosphere Reserve Svetlana N. Shchigreva conducted the workshop, and the chairperson of the regional public organization "Information Center of Indigenous Peoples of Altai Republic "Birlik" Irina V. Solodukha acted as a co-host.
The topic "filing of applications to grant giving foundations" is so relevant today that active members of Kumandins community of Krasnogorskoye District and employees of such budgetary institutions as the Culture Department and the Education Committee of Krasnogorskoye District administration, workers of club institutions of the district center, experts on youth affairs, sport and tourism and others were equally interested in it.
Of course it is a common feeling that many of our failures are in the first place based on our own inert thinking. We have a lot of ideas, but we are waiting for some "good uncle" to come and give us money to put them into practice. Well, "good uncles and aunts" still exist, but grants are given to real, correct and socially significant projects. The main thing is to trust in yourself, be firm of purpose and consistent. By the end of the workshop at least one of the projects under review had been prepared in the rough, and its authors were encouraged to work further on the estimates and the text together with our Information Center and to invite as a contributor the Altai regional public organization of Kumandins "Istok" who had already successfully implemented many similar projects by that time.
Viktor Asyamov,
Executive director of Istok,
Director of Krasnogorskoye Center of LIENIP