Training Workshop in Karelian Center
: 26/05/2010

The training workshop "International and Russian Human Rights and Rights of Indigenous Peoples Legislation. Fundraising Projects for Development of Local Self-Government, Organizations and Educational Institutions" took place on 18-21 May in Petrozavodsk at "Youth Legal Information Centre of Indigenous Peoples "Nevond" with financial support of Interregional public organization "Lauravetlan" Information and Education Network of Indigenous Peoples". More than 20 people, activists of national NGOs, deputies of local authorities, employees of cultural and educational institutions working in traditional indigenous residence territories of Karelian Republic, Leningrad and Murmansk Oblasts took part in the workshop.
The workshop program included examination of legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of rights of indigenous peoples and national minorities, legislation protecting rights of indigenous peoples and national minorities in the domain of culture and education, norms of international law on rights of indigenous peoples and national minorities.

The workshop was held in the Center of National Cultures and Folk Art of the Republic of Karelia, the Legislative Assembly of Karelian Republic, the Karelian Regional State Museum where the participants visited the exhibition "Not All Events are Ones Custom". The workshop participants attended a plenary session at the National Theatre of republic within the framework of theoretical and practical conference "Karelia on Ethno-Cultural and Political Map of Russia: in Commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of Karelian Republic.
Representatives of state authorities of Karelian Republic, regional national and cultural organizations working in Karelia: Evgeny I. Shestakov, head of the Ombudsman Office of Karelian Republic; Nikolai P. Ershov, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Karelian Republic, chairman of the Committee on the State System and Local Governance and National Policy; Olga B. Vlasova, main specialist of the Indigenous Peoples State Support Programs Department of the Ministry on National Politics and Relations with Religious Associations of the Republic of Karelia; Zinaida I. Strogalshchikova, chairman of the Karelian regional public organization "Veps Culture Society", candidate of historical sciences, senior researcher of ethnology sector of the Karelian Research Centre; Viktor Ye. Bogdanov, candidate of historical sciences, head of the Karelian branch of the Northwest Academy of Public Service; Taisiya V. Deynega, lawyer of the Ministry of Culture and Public Relations of Republic of Karelia; Evgeniya A. Shustova, chairman of the Karelian regional public organization "Youth Legal Information Centre of Indigenous Peoples "Nevond" took part in the workshop.
Meetings the experts were held in different forms: lectures, debates, discussions, presentations, practical training. At the end of every meeting the participants asked questions, shared their experiences, views and made their proposals. One could see how the participants worry about their native land and their people, how they want to help their fellow-villagers and make their lives a little better.
The final survey showed that knowledge the workshop participants gained will be useful in their further work and social activities and they will share their experiences with their fellow-countrymen and colleagues.
Elena Leontyeva,
Director of Karelian Center