Indigenous peoples of Gorny Altai are worried with the fall of the spacecraft
: 15/09/2011

Anxious population of Novotroitsk village (the place of compact residence of the indigenous people - Tubalar) Turochaksky region of the Altai Republic appealed to the information center Birlik in relation to accidental fall of the launch vehicle of the cargo spacecraft "Progress-N12M" launched from the cosmodrome "Baikonur" on August 24. Resulting from the problems of the third-stage engine, not only the stage but also the cargo ship itself collapsed. First of all, the Tubalars were interested if they could harvest cedar nuts, berries, mushrooms and medicinal herbs this autumn. This year for the first time in seven years in Gorny Altay there is a good yield of cedar nuts. And what is the radiation situation in Turochaksky and Choya regions? It is still unclear, whether on the territory of Choya Region there was the toxic fuel, which the carrier rocket took on the international space station. Local population complained about scratch in the throat, high blood pressure and continual headaches. They raised the question why the population of the territory, where the space litter fell, are not subject to indemnity for the lost health. Every time when the stage fall local people fell stress and anxiety about their health, health of their children and grandchildren.

On 2nd September in Karakoksha village (Choya Region) there was a coordinating meeting of Tubalars, which was visited by the head of the regional administration Alexander Borisov and the head physician of the Hygiene and Epidemiology Center in the Altai Republic Gennady Arkhipov. As the leader of Tuba indigenous community Maria Sakova stated, Alexander Borisov and Gennady Arkhipov convinced the local population that the cargo spaceship Progress was not found in the Choya Region. The restrictions for visiting forests are cancelled. But the searches of the spaceship continue. Every day they monitor the environment test water and soil. No deviations from the standards for a while. However the majority of Karakoksha inhabitants and settlers of other villages of the Choya region are not calmed down with this assuarance they are going to bring in action against the Federal Space Agency for the damage brought by the toxic fuel to their territory where they do their traditional activities (gathering cedar nuts and wild plants).

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