An international festival Veps Tale is taking place in Rybreka village of the Karelia Republic on 25 September
: 20/09/2011

Karelia regional public organization The Society of Veps Culture with the financial support of the State Committee of the Karelia Republic on National Policy, Public Affairs and Religious Associations carry out an inter-regional festival "Veps Tale" on September 25, 2011 in Rybreka village of Ryboretskoye Veppsian rural settlement, Prionezhsky municipal district of the Karelia Republic.

The competition aims to awake kids and youths interest in learning the Veps language, to develop creative abilities, familiarize with Veps folklore. Children, their parents and relatives, who know or study the Veps language, are invited for participation in the festival.
It is held in two nominations:
- Tale written by the participant of the festival Young story-teller;
- Veps folk tale.
There are individual and collective performances (classmates, family, friends) of the Veps folk tales and their own compositions.
The festival also includes the competition of pictures.
The jury evaluates knowledge of the Veps language, originality of performance, artistry. All the participants will get the gifts an illustrated book of Veps Tales for children in Russian and Veps languages, and the winners will get the special prize.

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