Festival in the Khakasia Republic
: 06/10/2011

On 9 September in Khakasia the 1st Interregional Festival of the culture of Shorian indigenous people Ilanys. Return to the roots was held. It was devoted to the international day of indigenous peoples of the world. The holiday took place in Anchul village of Tashtypsky Region and gathered a lot of guests and participants from Tashtypsky and Askizsky regions of the Khakasia Republic, from Abacan town, Gornaya Shoria of Kemerovskaya Oblast.

Luckily, the day was bright and sunny! Breathing with clean taiga air, children were joyfully shouting. They are always the first at any holiday. And their laugh and running made the adults hearts beat quicker cheerfully foretasting the celebration.

The holiday atmosphere was also created with bright decoration of the makeshift stage, which magically rose on a football ground at the edge of the village, dressed yurts around it, where local and guest needlewomen displayed their household wares that can adorn any interior and comfort any home. Every subject of this exhibit was a work of arts and crafts! Local mistresses offered everybody there to taste Shorian cuisine dishes.

And what wonderful national dresses were put on the people who came to the holiday! The football pitch was sparkling with different colors like a meadow in blossom! Khakassian and Shorian music from loudspeakers added to the scene. Not far from the stage mats where prepared for the competition of the sportsmen in national wrestling called kures. And at some distance from the pitch, being fried, boiled and magnificently smelled, lavish national dishes for dear guests were cooked on bonfire.

At last, all the preparations were finished, the viewers took their seats on the benches, participants waited near the stage standstill in excitement, the trumpets blew and cheerful voices of the girls-presenters greeted the audience in the Russian and Shorian languages. Then, in accordance with millennial national traditions, there was a ritual of holiday consecration held by algyschi. People felt the solemn and anxious smell of thyme, the fire was joyfully crackling the spirits accepted the treat and blessed the festival.

In the official part of the celebration there were speeches of honorary guests arrived in Anchul: Head of the Committee of the Supreme Council of the Khakasia Republic on Culture, Education and Science L. Karpova, Minister of National and Territorial Policy of the Khakasia Republic N. Balahchina, Head of the Municipal Entity Tashtypsky Region V. Shulbayev and his first deputy V. Sazanakova, Head of the Culture Department of the Municipal Entity Tashtypcky Region E. Tsygankova, leaders of municipal areas who arrived as heads of delegations from their villages, as well as representatives of Shorian indigenous people from Kemerovskaya Oblast.

Every performer greeted the Festival, spoke on the need to revive and safe traditions, language, culture of Shorians, on their contribution to the multinational culture of Khakasia and Russia. The Head of Tashtypsky Region V. Shulbayev focused attention of the audience that despite the fact this August a similar holiday was celebrated in Biskamzha village of Askiz Region, here, on the land of Tashtypsky Region, the festival of Shorian culture is held for the first time, although the greatest part of Shorians of the Khakasia Republic live in this place in Tashtypsky Region. Thats why todays holiday means so much. This ancient hardworking and talented people living on this beautiful land among mountains and taiga has a lot to show, amaze and delight, to save with care and increase.

As a guest of the festival, the Chairman of the Information Center of Indigenous Peoples of the Khakasia Republic Aran Chula, Lev Nerbyshev was invited. And this is not accidental. Our Center was at the roots of the first Shorian community created on the territory of our republic the Neighboring Territorial Community of Shorian Indigenous People Tamyr. As Nadezhda Balahchina stressed in her speech, starting from establishment of this Community thanks to enthusiasm and efforts of its Chairman Boris Shulbayev in cooperation with our Information Center, Shorian people began to awake, the law of the Khakasia Republic about rights of indigenous peoples was passed, lands for traditional farming are being allocated. And this festival is a new milestone in revival of Shorian culture and awakening of pride and national self-consciousness of the people.

Head of the Information Center Aran Chula didnt come to the holiday empty-handed. He brought literature about the problems and achievements of indigenous peoples of Russia, the Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights translated into the Shorian language. The latter caused the highest interest of the people arrived to the holiday it is so pleasant to read about your rights in your native language! Besides, Nerbyshev announced educational seminars for indigenous peoples which would be held in September and October in Abakan town and Askyz village concerning important and interesting themes. He invited everybody who wishes to take part in the seminars.

After welcoming of all the guests on Anchul land, the Head of Anchul settlement O. Shulbayev announced the beginning of competitions.

The viewers were tearing between the stage and the sports grounds. From the stage they could hear Shorian songs, poems about their native land, humorous rhymes, see the scenes of ancient Shorian legends and tales, parade of modern styled costumes. The old and the young (the youngest performer, member of delegation from Kemerovskaya Oblast, was 4 years old) showed their skills. At the same time on the playgrounds accompanied with screams of fans, the competition of kures wrestlers was intensifying. Then the delegations from different settlements competed in rope drawing and throwing of a stone over the shoulder (a kind of Shorian traditional competition).

The goods of Shorian mistresses and dishes of national cuisine also drew attention. Everybody on this holiday, besides getting bright impressions and great pleasure, discovered something new, unusual and unforgettable there.

The festival continued with the rewards of gifts and gratitude to families who marked their Silver (25th) and Golden (50th) wedding anniversary, to young couples who had their first newborn this year, to the young talents who can glorify their people, to the activists who have already succeeded to do a lot for their home-folks. The celebration was concluded late at night with a dancing and the fireworks.

We hope very much that this wonderful holiday full of warmth, joy and bright colors, which was the first of this kind in Tashtypsky Region and stayed in the hearts of all its guests and participants, wont be the last. Matur village is ready to take the baton, and it was stated by the head of Matur Mr. Lebedev. And this is great! The Festival finished. Welcome the new festival!

The information is presented by the Chairman of Information Center Aran Chula Lev Nerbyshev