In a Decade of Indigenous peoples of the world in the Republics of Altai and Karelia, Krasnoyarsk krai (territory) Indigenous Info
: 01/03/2004
: Indigenous Issues

In a Decade of Indigenous peoples of the world (1995-2004) declared by the United Nations since March of 2004 in the Republics of Altai and Karelia, Krasnoyarsk krai (territory) Indigenous Information Centers have been established and started their work within a framework of a project "Network for promotion and development of social, economic and cultural rights of Indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation" (short title - NPIR project).

Development objective of the project is creation of Interregional Network for promotion and protection indigenous rights, establishing Information Centers in the regions of the compact settlements of the indigenous peoples: Altai-kizhi, Kumandins, Tubalars, Chelkans, Telengits, Veps, Ketos, Evenks and Dolgans, education of representatives of communities and associations of indigenous peoples, representatives of local authorities to international and Russian legislation on indigenous rights, their information support. The project is financed by international organizations: foundation of Diakonisches Werk der EKD, Germany and the Altai component of the project will be co-financed by the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Populations (UN VFIP). The NPIR initiative has been supported by two representatives of the Russian Federation at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UN PFII). The project duration is 2 years. During first two years in three regional centers: in Gorno-Altaisk of Altai Republic, Pertazavodsk of Karelia Republic and in Krasnoyarsk of Krasnoyarsk krai 144 indigenous people representatives will be educated. Educational program of the interns will be based on study of the World declaration on human rights, two international pacts (Pact on civil and political rights; Pact on economic, social and cultural rights), European convention on human rights, draft of UN Declaration on indigenous peoples' rights, Russian Constitution, Russian and regional legislation on indigenous small numbered peoples. Meetings with representatives of state authorities, local administrations of self governance, NGOs, international organizations, scientists, ex-interns of Indigenous Information Center "L'auravetl'an", Moscow, will be organized. "Lauravetan" since 2003 has been working in the above mentioned regions of Russia and established an Interregional association "Lauravetlan Information and Education Network of Indigenous People" (LIENIP) and three regional Centers. The main stakeholders and members of LIENIP are the Altai Regional Public Organization of the Kunandin People "Istok" (Altai krai), Foundation for Sustainable Development of Altai (Altai Republic), Regional Indigenous Information Center "Argish" (Krasnoyarsk krai) and Public Organization of the Veps Youth (Petrazavodsk). Management of the project is based in Altai.