Meeting of Directors of regional Information Centers
: 09/02/2005
: Indigenous Issues

January 23-26, 2005 in city of Gorno-Altaisk, Republic of Altai a Coordination Meeting of the directors of three Indigenous Information Centers of republics of Altai and Karelia and Krasnoyarsk region was held. Karelia regional public organization "Youth information center of Indigenous People "NEVOND", Krasnoyarsk regional "Information center of Indigenous People "Argish" (ICIP Argish), and Information Center of Indigenous People "Birlik", and a quest - president of the Keto people Association of the Turukhansk district, Krasnoyarsk region took active part in this meeting. All three centers are regional representative offices of interregional organization "Lauravetlan Information and Education Network of Indigenous People" (LIENIP), Russia. These centers have appeared thanks to implementation of the project on establishing "Network for Promotion and Protection of Social, Economic and Cultural Rights of Indigenous People in the Russian Federation" (NPIR project).

This meeting was organized for monitoring and evaluation of the project progress and presentation of annual project report of centers' work. Centers have reached all project's immediate objectives set for the last year, successfully conducted internship (educational program) in time, needed quantity of interns passed through educational program, and issued necessary quantity of information bulletins. Main obstacles of the project have been regional specifics: vast and long distance between the center - site of internship and sites of permanent residence of interns (Krasnoyarsk region), big quantity of applied interns into one group more than planned (Karelia), and not correlation of internship time with spare time of potential interns (Altai).
Main achievement of the project was that centers have increased the project effect finding extra opportunities and means for holding adjoining works and activities:
- established new partnerships with regional and local authorities,
- invited different stakeholders and interested lecturers and consultants to conduct lectures on indigenous people rights issues,
- conducted joint activities (the most prominent ones shown) on local (holiday "Village Day" and erection of the chum in Kellogue of the Krasnoyarsk region), regional (practical workshop "Vital questions of land resources management in the Ongudaisky district of the Altai Republic"), national and international (an international conference "Rights of the indigenous people: Russian and international contexts", Karelia Republic),
- moreover all centers have chosen their priority direction of work for 2005 and the future.

Following decisions and recommendations have been made:
- adjust time of holding internships (in all three centers) according to the regional needs and have internships right in the places of settlement of the indigenous communities (Krasnoyarsk region),
- achieve immediate objectives set for 2005 and the project objective for successful implementation of the NPIR project,
- increase adjoining effects of the project for sustainability of the centers work in long-term prospects,
- seek co-financing for different activities of the centers,
- take an active part in preparation of the brochure about the indigenous people of Russia, NPIR project, "Laurevetlan" (IICL & LIENIP) and regional centers in English, German and Russian by presenting articles, photographs, comments and corrections,
- seek for funds for holding a meeting with potential donors (a donors-meeting for international organizations of EU, UN and others) presenting intermediary results of the project results in August-September in Germany or Moscow, Russia for continuation of the project in the future.