International scientific - practical conference
: 19/02/2005
: Indigenous Issues

Yakutsk, Republic Saha (Yakutia), 17-18 February, 2005
Institute for improvement of professional skills of teachers, Ministry of Education of Republic of Saha (Yakutia) and M.A.Alekseev republican school of Verkhneviluiskaya, in 17-18 February, 2005. conducted the International scientific - practical conference on development Turkological sciences in the world "Turkology as a norm of the civilized compromise between cultures".

The objectives of conference were - expansion of a historical outlook of pupils, comprehension of a history of the Yakut people as parts of the Asian peoples - up-bringing and education of civil patriotism, dignity and pride for historical roots of people, respect for history and culture of other peoples; - inculcation in pupils skills for search and independent work on history.
More than 160 participants from Russia and abroad took part in the conference. In the first day during plenary session a premiere of a video-film "On traces of silver vessels" about Kosh-Agachsky district of the Altai Republic was shown. Invited representatives of the Telengit and the Kazakh ethnoses of Altai: A.Z.Dzhatkambaev, Head of administration of municipal unit (MU) "Kosh-Agachsky district", I.S.Kujukov, Head of administration of MU "Ulagansky district", T.S. Dzhampilov, assistant of Head of administration of municipal unit (MU) "Kosh-Agachsky district", S.N.Ochurdiapov, main expert on indigenous small peoples of administration of MU "Kosh-Agachsky district" and Y.M. Yargakov, Head of education department of MU "Ulagansky district" have taken part in the conference work.
This event on regional level in different years was preceded with 6 forums of pupils and teachers Viljujsky district organized under the initiative of history teachers. These conferences have shown more growing interest to the historical past closely connected to ancient history of indigenous peoples of the Central Asia and Southern Siberia. The given conference was a step to formation of tolerance, representing a norm to the civilized compromise between cultures as a condition of preservation of diversity, a historical right to dissimilarity, difference; it was initiated by teachers and pupils of Verhneviljujskaya republican school.
On results and proceedings of the conference a collection of the books "Ethnos. Education. Individuality." will be issued. Additional information can be received: tel: (8-4112) 42-07-95, 42-20-69, contact person: Nikiforova Eugeny Stepanovna, E-mail: