Competition "The Best Ethnic Web Site"
Дата: 04/06/2005
Тема: Мир коренных народов

"SibTransTelecom" company in the frames of III Siberian Festival of the World Music "The Sayan Circle" announces the competition "The Best Ethnic Web Site".

To participate in the competition we invite webmasters and owners of the sites of falk creative groups, ethnic artistic groups and performers; sites of Siberian peoples; sites of museums, galleries and exhibitions, theatres and festivals connected with ethnic thematics; sites devoted to the regional cultural and ethnographical events.
We also accept the sites containing ethnographical and cultural material showing traditions of the peoples which are not originally Siberian but from regional and creative groups made on the territory of the Siberian Federal District.
Resources containing ethnographical parts and pages are also accepted for the competition.
The competition is carried out from 1 June to 30 June 2005.
The results will be summed up from 1 July to 7 July 2005.
The winners of the competition will be rewarded on 9 July during the Gala-concert of III Siberian Festival of the World Music "The Sayan Circle".

More detailed information you can find after 3 June 2005 on

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