A scientist from Bashkiria has found similarity between the ancient artifacts of Gorny Altai and Easter Iseland
: 03/09/2006

The two-week expedition of a Bashkir scientist Ernst Muldashev and his colleagues around the Altai Republic has completed. The researches, guided by the director of the Agency on Cultural-Historical Heritage of the Republic Vasily Oinoshev, has visited Shebalino, Onguday and Kosh-Agach Regions.

The scientists explored tumuli, caves, megalith, vertical wells. In Muldashevs opinion, the ancient artifacts of Gorny Altai have something common with the figures he found on Easter Island.
During the trip around the Altai Republic, the group of scientists from Ufa has collected diverse material. It will serve as a basis for a new book, which Ernest Muldashev is going to work at the following 2-3 years.