The UNESCO Committee has considered the situation of Russian objects of the world nature heritage
: 03/09/2006

In the capital of Lithuania Vilnius in July 2006 the 30th session of the UNESCO Committee on the world heritage took place. The participants of the session considered the situation with the objects of the heritage which cause anxiety most of all. In this list Russia has one of the leading positions. 6 Russian objects are already under steadfast attention of the UNESCO experts.

On the difficult situation of the Russian objects of the world nature heritage Russian representative of Greenpeace reported to the participants of the session. The proposals he made were taken into consideration for preparation of the final decisions on the two territories Lake Baikal and Altai the Golden Mountains.
The decision on Altai contains the firm statement that the construction of a gas pipeline to China, which has to go through the zone of peace the Ukok Plateau, is unacceptable. The report of Russia on the situation of the implementation of this national project threatening the nature heritage is expected by the 1st February 2007. In case the development of the project continues, the UNESCO can send examination agents to Altai.