A Veps poet is rewarded a literature prize in Sweden.
: 29/08/2006
: Indigenous Issues

The gold of the Sun dropped on the land of Veps, thats how the poems of a Karelian poet, Nikolai Abramov, were called in Sweden, this year he was rewarded the literature prize of a famous Scandinavian writer and a public man Bengt Pohjanen. The rewarding of the prize took place in the cultural center of the Barents North-Arctic Region, located in the neighborhood of a small Swedish city Overkalix.

Im happy that the founders of the prize remarked the Veps literature, which is related to with scepticism even in Karelia. The Veps peoples had not had their written language for a long time, but that doesnt mean they have no poetry. I believe, our numerically small people is able to create a great literature, Nikolai Abramov stated to REGNUM Information Agency correspondent on his return from Sweden. A poet from Karelia has already published three books of poems in the Veps and Russian languages. A fluent command of the two languages allowed Nikolai Abramov to translate into Veps such world-known classics as Omar Khayyam, Rabindranat Tagor, William Shakespeare, Pole Verlen, Alexander Pushkin, Sergey Yesenin and Vladimir Vysotsky.