Bible for children is translated into the Shor language.
: 31/08/2006
: Indigenous Issues

The Institute for Bible Translation has published a new illustrated edition Bible Stories in the Shor language with audio-record of these stories enclosed. The book and the audiocassettes are sent to the region for distribution among the Shor people living in remote villages of Gornaya Shoria. On 8 September in the Central Library of the town Tashtagol the presentation of the edition will be held.

Until recently there were no books of Bibles translated into the Shor language. However, in the second half of 19 century the Orthodox Mission Society published the Holy Story in the Shor Dialect for Aborigines of the Eastern Part of the Kuznetsk Okrug, but that was not a translation, but a brief review in the Shor language of the main texts of the Holy Writ. Since 1990-s books in the Shor language have been issued again (there are over ten authors books, some books of folklore works, over ten kinds of textbooks and school-books), in the schools they started to teach the Shor Language and Literature, the interest to the traditional culture has risen and got an impulse for further development.