Training Course in Youth Legal Information Center of Indigenous Peoples ''Nevond'' (Karelia)
: 20/10/2006

In the Youth Legal Information Center of Indigenous Peoples Nevond in Petrozavodsk, Karelia Republic, in the framework of the program Education in the field of human rights and rights of indigenous peoples the training course Development of public initiatives is carried out. This training course is held from 2 October to 1 November 2006 under the aegis of the second International Decade of Indigenous Peoples, proclaimed by the UN.

During the course the interns have already studied international legislation on human rights, the Constitutions of the Russian Federation and of the Karelia Republic. Due to help of the executive secretary of the Commission on Human Rights under the Head of the Karelia Republic, Svetlana Varlamova, who has been cooperating with our Center since 2004, the interns got acquainted with the basics of human rights. Thanks to the Vice-Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Karelia Republic, Yelena Pereplesnina, they knew about the work of the Constitutional Court of the Karelia Republic and, as example, visited the sitting of the Court.
In the framework of the course, on 18 October, they met Vice-Chairman of the State Committee of the Karelia Republic on National Politics Affairs, Yelena Antoshko, and the members of the Committee. On this meeting the participants of the course were told about the main lines of activities of the Committee, the structure and worked out programs focused on national development and international cooperation of peoples and national minorities living in the Karelia Republic, and on support of Karel, Veps and Finnish languages in the Karelia Republic. With Victor Birin, the head of the department of national politics of this Committee, the interns comprehended the basics of national politics, familiarized themselves with the history of development of Finnish-Ugric peoples of the Russian Federation.
Also the classes on international mechanisms of protection of human rights and rights of indigenous peoples were held. Zinaida Strogalshikova, the member of the UN Permanent Forum, senior staff scientist of the Institute of Language, Literature, History of the Karelia Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Science, candidate of historical science, told the audience of the course in a very interesting and detailed way about the history of development of the international system of protection of indigenous rights and creation of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
The interns also took an active part in the work on project management and fundraising. The classes on this subject were given with the member of the Republican Center of National Cultures, Maria Fadeyeva, and the chief executive of Non-Commercial Foundation of Development, Yelena Merzoyeva. Since 18 October the interns have started to study the federal legislation regulating the rights of indigenous small-numbered peoples, with assistance of the lawyer-ecologist Irina Bondarenko.
Our acknowledgement to all the specialists, who are working with the interns and understand the importance of the work!
Interns of the Karelia Center
Group 1, 2006
1 Lilia Artemchuk Karel Female Suoyarvi
2 Olga Barysheva Karel Female Petrozavodsk
3 Alexey Petrov Karel Male Petrozavodsk
4 Marina Tishchenko Karel Female Petrozavodsk