The Second Regional Conference of the Assembly of Peoples of the Altai Republic.
: 04/12/2006

On 29 November 2006 the interns of the regional public organization Information Center of Indigenous Peoples of the Altai Republic Birlik took part in the second regional conference of the Assembly of Peoples of the Altai Republic. The participants of the Assembly were greeted by the Head of the Altai Republic A. Berdnikov; the Chairman of the State Meeting El Kurultay of the Altai Republic I. Belekov; Imam of the religious organization of Muslims of Gorno-Altaisk A. Kobdabayev; Head of Buddhists of the Altai Republic Hambo Lama M. Shagayev; El-Bashchi of the Altai people V. Amurgushev; Aga-Zaisan A. Bardin; Ataman of Gorno-Altaisk Cossack Society Yu. Pyankov; El-Bashchi of the Tubalar People N. Guseva, etc.

The participants of the forum were discussing vital problems of the work of the Assembly, also they heard the report of the Chairperson of the Assembly N. Yekeyeva and recognized her work as satisfactory. They recommended the newly elected Board of the Assembly more close cooperation with the public organizations, movements, associations, political parties, national and cultural centers and ethnic communities of the Altai Republic with the aim to improve ethno-national politics and keeping up international agreement in the republic.