''The Association of Kumandin People doesn't have the right to speak on behalf of Kumandin people and to represent their interests
: 24/07/2007

- such was the conclusion of the II Congress of Kumandin People.
Kumandins of three regions of Altaisky Kray: Krasnogorsky Region, Soltonsky Region and Biysk delegated their plenipotentiaries for the Congress which was held on 23 June 2007 in the house of Administration of Biysk. Representatives of the Administrations of Altaisky Kray, Biysk, Krasnogorsky and Soltonsky regions, public organizations and mass media took part in the work of the congress.

A new agency Public National Council of Kumandin People was established in course of work of the Congress. From that moment the interests of the indigenous people of Altaisky Kray will be represented only by this agency. The members of the Council are elected the following representatives of all the communities and organizations of Kumandin people: Z. Shermatova, A. Tukmachev, V. Asyamov, G. Davletchurina, A. Danilov, V. Ilteyev, V. Karasev, A. Kastarakova, N. Kolchakov, L. Konovalov, V. Kukoyeva, A. Kukuyev, S. Sarachakov, T. Sarachakova, A. Chebykov. Chairmanship of the Council will be carried out in turn (in alphabetical order).
The Congress has destroyed the myth that the regional departments of the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East (RAIPON) is a plenipotentiary of their people. The fact that the Chairman of the Association of Kumandin People was not a delegate of the Congress says a lot. The established Congress possesses big authority and great confidence of people, at present this is the only agency of Kumandin people, legitimacy of which doesnt cause any doubts. Our task is to help it in solving problems Kumandin people are facing, concluded Gulvayra Shermatova, Kumandin, delegate of the Congress and President of LIENIP.