: 13/09/2007

Karelia regional public organization Youth Information Legal Center NEVOND and interregional public organization Lauravetlan Information and Education Network of Indigenous Peoples informs about holding training course Development of Public Initiatives in the framework of the program Education in the field of human rights, rights of indigenous peoples in the period 15 October-12 November 2007.
The training course will include the following themes:
1. federal legislation and international standards on human rights, rights of indigenous peoples; mechanisms of protection of human rights and rights of indigenous peoples;
2. activity of the Third sector (types of organizations, legal basis of activity of non-commercial organizations, public unities; national-cultural autonomies and charitable activities, leadership potential);
3. culture and history of Karelia;
4. project management and fundraising search of funds for non-commercial sector;
5. using PC;
6. cooperation with mass media, publishing informational bulletin.
In the framework of the project the interns will meet with representatives of different state authority bodies of the Karelia Republic, self-governmental bodies, international and Russian public organization working in the Karelia Republic, get acquainted with the culture and history of Karelia, with activity of national cultural organizations.
After completing the training course further cooperation is supposed in the form of quarterly informing of the Center about cultural, economical, political life of the region, a settlement.
All the candidates wishing to participate in this course should:
1. have experience of work and some achievements in public activity;
2. know resource and other potential of their regions;
3. be supported by local population.
The number of interns in a group is 8 people. Duration of the course is 4-5 weeks.
After completing the training course by the Center, the interns will publish an information bulletin about life of indigenous peoples of their region.

Evgenia Shustova
Director of Youth Information Legal Center of Indigenous Peoples NEVOND