Plenipotentiary on Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Krasnoyarsky Kray
: 08/10/2007
: Indigenous Issues

On 27 September 2007 deputies of Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsky Kray in the first reading approved the bill About the Plenipotentiary on Human Rights in Krasnoyarsky Kray. The bill defines the status, order of appointing and termination of authorities of the Plenipotentiary on Human Rights. According to the Chairperson of the Committee on State Construction, Local Government and Development of Civil Society Institutions, deputy Alexey Kleshko, the new bill is based on the law in force approved in 1997, but contains a number of innovations. A. Kleshko explained that, first of all, proposals for candidates to the position of the Plenipotentiary can be made not only by the deputies of the Legislative Assembly, but also by public non-political unities. Second, the bill provides the institution on rights of indigenous peoples of the North. Plenipotentiary on Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the North is the assistant of Plenipotentiary on Human Rights. The second assistant, according to the bill, is the Plenipotentiary on Rights of Children.