Seminar in Karelia
: 15/10/2007

On 25-26 October in the Karelia Republic (Petrozavodsk) law seminar Mechanisms of Protection of Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Rights to Forest and Water Resources will be convened.
Organizers of the seminar are Karelia regional public organization Youth Information Legal Center of Indigenous Peoples NEVOND, autonomous non-commercial organization Ecological Legal Center Right for Life and interregional public organization Lauravetlan Information and Education Network of Indigenous Peoples with support of the Ministry of the Karelia Republic on National Policy and Communication with Religious Unities.
The seminar will be held by well-known lawyers-ecologists Olga Yakovleva, member of Moscow Board of Barristers, Honorable Barrister of Russia; Elvira Grishchenko executive director of autonomous non-commercial organization Right for Life (Moscow).

Evgenia Shustova
Director of Youth Information Legal Center of Indigenous Peoples Nevond