V World Congress of Finnish-Ugric Peoples
: 15/10/2007
: Indigenous Issues

V World Congress of Finnish-Ugric Peoples will be held on 27-30 June 2008 in Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia). About 300 delegates from 21 Finnish-Ugric peoples will take part in it. Approximately the same number of observers is expected: representatives of governments of Hungary, Russia, Finland and Estonia, international organizations, mass media, researchers.
I World Congress of Finnish-Ugric Peoples was in December 1992 in Syktyvkar (Russia), II in June 1996 in Budapest (Hungary), III in December 2000 in Helsinki (Finland), IV in August 2004 in Tallinn (Estonia).

In accordance with the Declaration of the General Principles, Goals and Objectives of Cooperation of Finnish-Ugric Peoples adopted in Syktyvkar, the World Congress of Finnish-Ugric Peoples is the forum of representatives of Finnish-Ugric and Samoyed peoples, independent of governments or political parties.
Executive body of the Congress is the Consultative Committee of Finnish-Ugric Peoples. It consists of two representatives of each Finnish-Ugric peoples participants of the World Congress, appointed by the decision of public organizations or other agencies of Finnish-Ugric peoples. Its sessions are held once in two years.
At the V World Congress of Finnish-Ugric Peoples two plenary sessions are planned: on 27 June (opening), 29 June (closing). At the session on 27 June, besides official representatives with greetings, representatives of each of 21 Finnish-Ugric peoples will present short statements (5-7 minutes) about the situation of their people. During the session on 29 June it is planned to adopt the final document and close the Congress. In the period between 28 June 5 sections will be convened: Ethnopolicy and Law, Culture, Language and Education, Mass Media, Health, Demography and Family.
According to the regulations of the Congress, the deputies are elected by every people in compliance with statutes of their public organizations. Quota for Karelians is up to 20 delegates, Veps up to 10 delegates (among them 3 delegates are from Veps of Leningradskaya Oblast and Vologodskaya Oblast), Finns up to 10 (among them 5 delegates from Finns of Leningradskaya Oblast).
Terms of participation: transport costs for delegates are reimbursed from the budgets of regions of residence, food and accommodation are covered by host party. The delegates pay 70 euro organizing fee for partial reimbursement of costs for accommodation and food. Taking into consideration big transport costs to Khanty-Mansiysk and back, it is planned to organize charter flights from Moscow and Saint Petersburg with partial reimbursement of costs (up to 100-150 euro).
Observers pay for accommodation and 100-150 euro registration fee for food, materials and transportation within the region (Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area). Transport costs for observers are from the sending party expenses. In case the observers use the common carter flight, their registration fee rises to 300 euro. These terms are not final and will be specified in course of further preparation of the Congress.
Preliminary plan of preparation to the Congress is adopted at the session of Consultative Committee in Tver in April 2007.

After the information of the Consultative Committee of Finnish-Ugric Peoples