Seminar ''Methods of Working up of Project Proposals'' (Karelia)
: 12/11/2007

For the audience of the course Development of Public Initiatives of the program Education in the Field of Human Rights, Rights of Indigenous Peoples carried out by Youth Information Legal Center of Indigenous Peoples Nevond there was held a seminar Methods of Working up of Project Proposals for Grant Competitions organized by the Republican Center of National Cultures. 8 people Karelians, Veps, Saami from Petrozavodsk and Monchegorsk cities took part in it.
Theoretical part of the training was devoted to the analysis of steps of project development and its implementation. Participants of the seminar learned how to formulate the problem, aims and objectives of the project, how to determine the target group and expected outputs of the project, how to realize it efficiently taking into consideration risks and weak points.
During the practical part of the seminar the audience got to know the rules of making the budget of the project, the opportunities to search funding and partners, ways of evaluation of efficiency of the project, and tried to make a typical budget of a socio-cultural project. Special attention was paid to the review of international foundations and state institutions supporting projects in the cultural field in the North-western area.
At the end of the seminar, participants remarked the acquired knowledge was useful for further work and expressed their wish to continue education in the field of project management.

Director of Nevond