News seminar
: 01/02/2008

The seminar Rights of the Indigenous Population to Land and Natural Resources. Russian Legislation Tendencies was held in a beautiful park at the Municipal Office Youth Center Homeland on 15 16 December 2007. The seminar was held in the bounds of the project Legal Education as an Element of the Sustainable Development of the Altai Small Indigenous Population Communities Kumandin People, the winner of the Altai region Administration grant in September 2007.
The representatives of Biysk, Krasnogorsk region, and Solton region Indigenous Population, Khakassia Indigenous Population delegation took part in the seminar. All participants got method and legal information on the indigenous population rights, learned a lot of new and got answers to all the questions they were interested in. The atmosphere of the seminar was warm and trusting.
As a result of the seminar they adopted a resolution and decided to send it to the authorities.
December, 17 round-table discussion with the representatives of the public authorities and municipal administration took place. The participants were U.V. Rechkunov, on behalf of Altai region Administration Public Department, A.A Kazantsev, Biysk Administration business-manager, L.V. Shempeleva, vice-president of Biysk and Biysk region Committee on Social Protection of Population, V.P. Ishchuk, head of Biysk Administration Public Department, T.A. Varlamova, head of Biysk and Biysk region Pension Fund, O.A. Yakovleva, head of civil movement Russian land the Common Property of the People (Moscow), G.K.Shermatova, president of APOOK (?) Istok, V.I. Asyamov, president of Krasnogorsk region Kumandin Community, V.A. Karasev, president of Solton region Kumandin Community, V.I. Ilteyev, president of Biysk Kumandin Community, A.M. Kastarakova, member of Biysk Kumandin Public National Council, N.M. Alekova, member of Biysk Kumandin Community and others.
Recommendations and suggestions of the discussion will be sent to the authorities at municipal and regional level.