Half of 40 languages of Small Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East are Critically Endangered
: 09/02/2008
: Indigenous Issues

This fact was stated at the meeting of International Expert Group on Indigenous Languages in New York.
The Russian expert Fenya Lihanova explained that the question was about the languages of Orochi, Yukagirs, Nivkhi, Kety, Entsy, Nganasans, Aleuts, Udegeytsy, Eskimos and other peoples less then 2000 in number.
F. Lihanova noted that "it is important for all this languages to create proper conditions of their preservation and further development". Russian Nentsy, Dolgany, Chukchi and Tuvinians managed to preserve their languages. The situation on Khanty, Koryaks and Evenki languages is not bad as well.
F. Lihanova also noted that adoption of a number of federal and regional regulations in the system of national education had led to considerable changes, in a number of regions preschool and educational institutions teaching natural languages and cultures of small indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East had been opened.