Evenk Clannishness Held a Charity Action
: 09/02/2008
: Indigenous Issues

On New Year's holidays Evenk Clannishness held a charity action for the Evenks in Krasnoyarsk.
The Evenks Meeting devoted to Evenki Day and 77 anniversary of Evenk national okrug establishment was traditionally held on the basis of School 137 (Krasnoyarsk). Evenk veterans were presented with souvenirs and were wished a happy New Year and Christmas in the name of Jaroslav Malashiya, president of Evenk municipal region.
Besides Igor Mukto, head of Tura urban settlement, presented the veterans with "Tymanchi Friend" film discs and Evenk singer Viktor Mukto discs.
According to president of Evenk Clannishness Hristina Popova "the Evenks are very thankful for such attention and recognition of their contribution to their native land prosperity".
It should be also noted that veterans, the Great Patriotic War participants an disabled workers received New Year presents from Krasnoyarsk krai legislative assembly deputy Aleksey Nechepurenko.