Ethnofestival ''Taiga'' in Novosibirsk
: 09/02/2008
: Indigenous Issues

The II Siberian ethnofestival will take place in Novosibirsk on February 8. The main idea of the festival is to develop Siberian indigenous traditions and to form the single Siberian culture. The program includes the concert and the exhibition "Taiga Man: Siberian Antiquity in the Works of Modern Artists". The folk group "Sabchylar", "Bugotak" group, singer Julia Charkova (Abakan), group of the Old Slavonic music "Vedan' Kolod'" (Krasnoyarsk) will take part in the concert. And the works of such artists as Rinat Minnebayev, Svetlana bakushina, Sergey Bespamyatnyh, Yelena Bertollo, Yelena Kiseleva and others will be presented at the exhibition.
The II Siberian ethnofestival "Taiga' will be finished on March 1.