Land and Indigenous Peoples the Eternal Question
: 09/02/2008
: Indigenous Issues

In February Krasnoyarsk krai arbitrage will decide a celebrated case of indigenous peoples nature management. The plaintiff is "Kargo" farm and the results of the case are significant for both small indigenous peoples of the Ust-Avam village hunting and fishing on the territory of the farm and other natives living there. In accordance with Taimyr Dolgan-Nenets autonomous okrug governor Resolutions 349, 380 more than 3,5 million hectares were given to livestock breeding "Taimyrsky" Co Ltd to use fauna and water biosources. The indigenous peoples had not been informed of this contract and could feel the legal consequences of the Resolutions only when agricultural inspectorates imposed sanctions on them, accused them of poaching and confiscated all take and arms. "Taimyrsky" offered the indigenous peoples either to work for the farm or to give it the entire take. Both variants infringe upon indigenous interests so they sued to obtain justice.