''Nomadic'' Festival
: 09/02/2008
: Indigenous Issues

The traditional annual festival "Nomadic Cultural Capital" will be opened in Krasnoyarsk krai from February 20 to April 15, 2008. The festival dates back to 2005 and is devoted to Krasnoyarsk krai, Taimyr and Evenkia consolidation.
The huge Eastern Siberia integrates a lot of different folk cultures of Evenki, Nentsy, Dolgans, Tuva and Taimyr people and many others. The festival aims to unite all of them to one cultural space combining Russian creative traditions with that of northerners. To make the krai inhabitants know each other better creative "nomads": singers, dancers, artists, photographers, film directors, journalists and craftsmen will tour the Eastern Siberia. Each region has something to show and at the same time something to learn. Taimyr and Evenk people will hear the Russian folk songs and the Russian performers in tern will estimate once more the original and beautiful culture of the North. the original and beautiful culture of the North.