Altai Holiday "El-Oiyn"
: 25/03/2008
: Indigenous Issues

Interregional Altai holiday "El-Oiyn" will take place in the neighborhood of Yelo village (Ongudai district) on 4 7 July 2008. It will be dedicated to Year of Family in the Russian Federation.
The festival programme will include a fair "Skillful Altai"; comic contest "Tastarakai"; national costume, children artworks, ails contests; Altai song contest "Djanar Kozhon"; "Kurultai (assembly) of Narrators"; evening show for youth, etc.
There will also be national sports contests: kuresh wrestling, stone lifting, kamchi (knocking-out of pasterns with a lash), horse races, etc. Besides they plan to include cedar climbing and club throwing widespread sports of small indigenous peoples of the northern districts of the republic.
El-Oiyn is the Altai holiday of cultural heritage. It serves to revive and develop the Altai culture. The main goals and objectives of the holiday are preservation, development and promotion of traditional amateur and folk arts, familiarization of the rising generation with traditional culture, assistance to consolidation of creative bonds between the Altai republic and other regions groups