Informational Center
: 26/03/2008

In February 2008 the Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples (NCIV) granted office equipment to Informational Center of Indigenous Peoples of Khakassia.
In 2007 Informational Center submitted an application to the Netherlands Centre. Mr. Gerard van Dorp, representative of the Centre, visited Khakassia and found out the situation of indigenous peoples in the Republic. The visitor from the Netherlands was impressed by ancient Khakass land, amenity of its nature, historical sites, and, first of all, people and in December 2007 the Netherlands Centre decided to finance the project.
In 2 months of ceremonial functions Regional Public Organization Informational Center of Indigenous people of Khakassia "Aran Chula" acquired necessary office equipment. We hope that the Center's work will be more productive now.
Lev Nerbyshev,
Director of "Aran Chula"