First Training Course in 2008
: 22/04/2008

On April 14, 2008 Regional Public Organization Informational Center of Indigenous People Birlik began its first training cource in 2008 Human Rights, Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Interns of the group are: Dergeley Kordeva, Telengit. Kurai, Kosh-Agach district. Teacher of chemistry.
Alan Baidanov, Telengit. Kurai, Kosh-Agach district. Gorno-Altaisk State University, department of law, student.
Sanat Tydykov, Altai-kizhi. Besh-Ozyok, Shebalino district.
Erkemen Enchinov, Telengit. Dzhazator, Kosh-Agach district. Driver.
Natalya Temdekova, Telengit. Yazula, Ulagan district. Housewife.
Yelene Neustroeva, Altai-kizhi. Biysk. Teacher of English.
In the bounds of the training course interns began to study international law in the field of human rights.
On April 16 interns of Informational Center of Indigenous Peoples Birlik took part in the seminar Development of Ecological Tourism in Altai Republic organized by Tourism, Enterprise, and Investment Ministry of Altai Republic, Natural Resources Ministry of Altai Republic, Altaisky state nature reserve, Katunsky state biosphere reserve.
Representatives of local authorities; Tourism, Enterprise, and Investment Ministry of Altai Republic; Natural Resources Ministry of Altai Republic; Legislative Assembly EL Kurultai; tourism business, and public organizations also took part in the seminar.
The seminar was aimed to form an integrated conception of elaboration and advancement of ecological tourism products of Altai Republic on the market, to determine interaction of local authorities, specially preserved territories, travel agencies in order to develop ecological tourism.
The participants of the seminar came to the conclusion that development of tourism in Altai republic is only possible while preserving unique natural resources as far as they form the basis of recreation. Tourism promotion must bring income to local population including small indigenous peoples. The participants gave special attention to preservation of territories forming part of UNESCO object of World heritage Altai Golden Mountains.
As a result of the seminar they formulated a number of requests to Tourism, Enterprise, and Investment Ministry of Altai Republic to initiate a middle-term programme of ecological tourism development in Altai Republic, to carry on seminars on tourism development problems twice a year (before and after tourist season), to intensify promotion of ecological tourism with the help of informational tourism centers of Altai Republic; to Natural Resources Ministry of Altai Republic to initiate Coordinative Council of World Heritage Objects Control in Altai republic, to make the programme of tourism development in natural parks of Altai Republic taking into consideration experience of federal specially preserved territories, to work out and introduce the strategy of single supplying of information of ecological tourism in specially preserved territories of Altai Republic.
Interns of Informational Center Birlik