Museum of Indigenous Northerners in Taimyr
: 07/06/2008
: Indigenous Issues

They are finishing the new building of Taimyr Indigenous Northerners' Museum in Dudinka (Krasnoyarsk Krai).
An area of nearly 4 000 square kilometers will make it possible to place several thousand original museum pieces of the old local history museum. The old museum was situated on the first floor of a domestic building for a long time, and only 10 percent of the exhibit could be displayed there.
Nenets, Nganasans, Dolgans, and other indigenous peoples of the North are living on the territory of Taimyr. According to museum experts, Dudinka as an administrative center of Taimyr will henceforth have the best museum of indigenous northerners in the world.
The last finishing works are nearing completion at present. The new building will be opened in June.