First Fish Day in the Extreme North
: 25/06/2008
: Indigenous Issues

Indigenous peoples of the Extreme North are celebrating their main holiday. There is no certain date to celebrate it. The festival begins when red fish appear in rivers. Khantay is the master of the holiday. Practically all indigenous peoples of the North believe that it is he who watches from heaven and sends fish to rivers and seines. They also believe that if they do not worship Khantay and purify they will have no rich haul. And it is in turn necessary to survive in the Extreme North. Fish is so important for hyperboreans that they calculate a year from one fishing season to another. They celebrate New Year's Day when fish appears. Part of the haul should be presented to the deity. To feed Khantay they put "inelvit" (hare fluff impregnated with reindeer fat) into his mouth. The rest of the haul is distributed among neighbours according to the rite.