Meeting in Khakassia
: 01/07/2008

Meeting "We are for United, Multinational Khakassia, Steady and Peaceful Development of our Society, Respect to Language and Culture of Various Peoples" took place in Abakan (Khakass Republic) in front of House of Supreme Soviet on June, 18 2008. Parents of pupils of Abakan school 28, representatives of public associations and religious organizations of Khakassia took place in the meeting. The panelists of the meeting asked Supreme Soviet deputies to build money for Town national comprehensive school into the budget.
It will be recalled that town authorities decided to close comprehensive school 28 and use its building according to its intended purpose, i.e. to place a kindergarten there. They decided to replace the present school with Khakass classes in two other schools of Abakan. That and problems with education in natural language elicited public protest.
The panelists adopted the Resolution, where they stated their arguments and demands.

Lev Nerbyshev,
Director of "Aran Chula"