Congress of Indigenous Peoples Association of Altai Republic
: 02/07/2008
: Indigenous Issues

Fifth Congress of Indigenous Peoples Association of Altai Republic took place in Gorno-Altaisk. It has defined development strategy of national cultures of the republic up till 2015. About 150 delegates from Ulagan, Kosh Agach, Maima, Choia, and Turochak districts; Yuriy Antaradonov, senior deputy of Head of Government of Altai Republic; Ivan Belekov, chairman of El Kurultai; chief federal inspector of Altai Republic; representatives of ministries, agencies, local governments, etc. took part in it.
Organizational issues, report of the president of Indigenous Peoples Association of Altai Republic, discussion of the resolution of the congress, election of Association's president, appointment of Coordinating Committee members, and election of delegates to the Sixth Congress of Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of Russian Federation were the items on the agenda. The key item was contested election of the president. The president is balloted for a term of four years.
Congress delegates adopted a resolution, where they called to protect rights of small-numbered indigenous peoples to land and natural resources in the places of their traditional living and economy.
To attain that aim they suggested adjusting Land, Forest, and Water Codes of Russia. The delegates foretold growth of unemployment, poverty, alcoholism, morbidity, shortening of lifetime without taking measures.
Indigenous Peoples Association of Altai Republic is a voluntary self-directed public organization. It promotes consolidation of small-numbered indigenous peoples, protection of their rights and interests, solving problems of these peoples' social, cultural, and economic development, rise in national morale and living standards.
Quadrennial Congress is a superior body of Indigenous Peoples Association of Altai Republic. It is in commission to set, change or add the rules, elect president, coordinating and checkup committees.