New President of Indigenous Peoples Association of Altai Republic
: 02/07/2008
: Indigenous Issues

Artem Sumachakov was elected president of Indigenous Peoples Association of Altai Republic oh June, 27.
Preceding president of Association Vasiliy Maksimov could not run for the post as he had already had two terms.
Two other nominees were V. Kudatov and U. Knjazev.
Today there are five peoples who attach themselves to small-numbered indigenous peoples. They are Chelkans, Kumandins, Tubalars, Telengits, and Teleuts. And native population of central districts of the republic prefers to be called Altaians and divided only to seoks (clans). Presently a number of federal laws protect rights of small-numbered indigenous peoples. Organizations of indigenous peoples are to influence on national acreage allotment, development of small-scale business, and youth education.