Open Finno-Ugric University
: 20/07/2008
: Indigenous Issues

Summer session of Open Finno-Ugric University is being held on 15 23 July 2008 in Udmurt Republic.
The project "Open Finno-Ugric University" is aimed to develop and implement special educational programme that allows young Finno-Ugric people to fulfill their lifeware and direct their energy at solving of problems facing Finno-Ugric society.
Programme of the session:
-Seminar "Native Language Development Strategy";
-International Finno-Ugric ecological camp;
-Seminar "Finno-Ugric Tourism: ideas and prospect";
-Seminar "Small-Scale Enterprise as Means of Ethnic Culture Development";
-Volunteer camp "Korka Les'ton Veme" building of Udmurt mansion house;
-Creative laboratory.
Lectures of Finno-Ugric key specialists, round tables, master classes, trainings, individual consultations will also take place in the course of the session. Each participant has an opportunity to bring up his topic to discussion, to deliver presentations of their projects, researches, and creative works.
A map of network interaction of projects in the bounds of integrated Finno-Ugric education is to be the result of the summer session.
Young representatives of Finno-Ugric peoples: school, lyceum, gymnasium students, university students; lecturers, members of public organizations, members of the mass media, cultural workers, scientists, and all concerned.