A new specially persevered natural territory in Karelia
: 18/09/2008
: Indigenous Issues

Sergey Katanandov, head of Karelian Republic, has signed a resolution on creation of landscape preserve "Voinitsa" in the north of the republic. The new specially persevered natural territory will be located in Kalevala municipal region. It will have an area of more than 8000 hectares.
The territory covers unique woodlands of great value both for biodiversity preservation and ecological tourism. Light pineries, so called "red taiga", prevail here in contrast to spruce forests of "Paanayarvi" and "Vodlozersky" national parks. These pine forests are very popular with nature-lovers and have practically disappeared in Fennoscandia.
Any activity contrary to aims of the preserve and pollute environment, such as deforestation, hunting, development of land, mining, driveways, and parkings, etc. Only research activities, walking tours, amateur fishing, unprofitable berrying, mushrooms and medicinal plants picking will be allowed.