Training Course in Karelia
: 07/11/2008

Training course in the framework of the project "Network for Promoting and Protecting Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of Indigenous Communities of the Russian Federation" started in Petrozavodsk. 8 interns representatives of Finns, Karelians and Veps will exchange experiences and acquire skill and knowledge in the training course "Education in the Field of Human Rights and Rights of Indigenous Peoples". The majority of interns are under 30.
During the first week interns took part in a meeting with Tuomo Khintsanen, Finnish cooperative systems specialist, and discussed foundations of cooperatives, the ABC of cooperative management, , and establishment of consumer cooperatives with indigenous peoples.
V. Kuznetsov, director of "Victorian Consult" Co Ltd, has taught interns peculiarities of legislation in traditional nature management of forest resources and land and fishing as a trade. Fundraising training has also been held.
Interns have acquainted themselves with legislative bodies Legislative Assembly of Karelia and deputy groups.
N. Kuznetsova, one of interns, has held a national tapestry master class.
Computer and Internet classes; meetings with representatives of non-governmental organizations, cooperative marketing associations, and guest houses; rural small-scale business crediting course, discussion of arrangement of socio-economic conditions for foundation of consumer cooperatives together with local government are before interns. The training course will result in an issue of a bulletin where one will find articles of interns as well as their trainers.
Elena Merzova,
Director of Karelia Regional Center of LIENIP