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 Taymyr Democracy


II Taymyr Reindeer Breeders Congress took place in Dudinka. District Administration farcified that important event. Indigenous Population Department’s workers blocked the way of representatives of Taymyr indigenous grass-roots organizations, Taymyr College students, veterinarians, heads of reindeer farms, and even reindeer breeders. Valeria Savran, chairman of Dudinka Municipal Association of Taymyr Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples, was one of the many people who could not manage to attend the Congress. Pyotr Bolin, one of founders of Taymyr Reindeer Breeders Union, was not also allowed to crash the gate. V. Bokova, head of Krasnoyarsk Krai Indigenous Peoples Agency, was in and several people managed to get through the door thanks to her.
Valery Salinder, chairman of Taymyr Nenets Union, came out with posters in front of the building where the Congress took place in protest against unlawfulness. He was arrested and brought to the police station. Only thanks to timely intervention by human rights activists he was exonerated from blame.

Presence of Krasnoyarsk Krai Legislative Assembly deputies who were not supposed to find out the truth about reindeer breeders life and psychological atmosphere in the district made Sergey Baturin, head of Taymyr, take that decisive step. The second reason is Taymyr “speciality” style of leadership. Head of Taymyr does not consider it necessary to meet with representatives of small-numbered indigenous peoples’ grass-roots organizations. He is known for disregard of honorary Taymyr citizens, Anna Dyukareva for example. She has been waiting for an appointment to see the head of District for a year and a half.
Inauguration of Sergey Baturin may serve as index of level of attention to Taymyr small-numbered indigenous peoples: there were only two indigenous representatives from among 300 guests. Meanwhile one third of Taymyr population is indigenous.
Workers of Profile Indigenous Population Department threaten activists of grass-roots organizations with loss of job. Grigory Dyukarev, Nenets, first vice-president of the Association, was repeatedly hinted at impropriety of issue of his regular passport though he was born in Taymyr. Some of district electoral committee members may ask as in sort of a joke the Association leaders when they will leave Taymyr or best of all emigrate.
Even respectable and considerable people – indigenous elders – cannot express their opinion in “Taymyr” district newspaper (A. Nenyang – about nomadic schools, N. Naltanov – about district special status). But on the other hand Taymyr indigenous peoples can regularly read offensive remarks in “Taymyrka” local newspaper. The trial has been held for two years already.
Such attitude of the district administration to Taymyr small-numbered indigenous peoples is gradually becoming typical and role model. Thus Sergey Volkov, assistant chief of Education Department, affronted S. Chuprina, aged Dolgan, with four-letter words. Insults of chief editor of “Taymyrka” newspaper to indigenous peoples meet with support of Dudinka common population who voted for him in the elections of District Duma. Being a deputy he will now conduct national policy. Therefore it is no wonder that reindeer breeders are not allowed to the town cafes even on a holiday – Reindeer Breeder’s Day – because they are wearing bokari. And they cannot take a taxi as they are wearing malitsas. Not to mention geologists and gasmen who hunt domestic reindeer now and then, pollute original habitat and laugh openly at reindeer breeders’ reprimands and objections.
Association of Taymyr Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples can provide evidence of all the above-mentioned facts on demand. The contact address is
Nikolay Maimago, President of Association of Taymyr Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples

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