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 Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples Communities Union

On 30 January the III congress of Tubalar people of Altai Republic took place. Heads of indigenous communities and organizations of Turochak, Choya, Maima, Ulagan and Kosh-Agach Districts of Altai Republic and Gorno-Altaisk came to take part in the event. Natalya Ekeeva, chairperson of the Public Chamber of Altai Republic; Gennady Aildashev, head of the department of development of municipal units and indigenous peoples under the Ministry of Economy and Investment of indigenous peoples of Altai Republic; Sergey Mundusov, deputy minister of culture of Altai Republic and Akai Kimovich Kine, spiritual leader of Altai People also took part in the congress.

Vasily S. Maksimoov, chairperson of regional public organization “Revival of Tubalar People of Altai Republic”, delivered report ''Socio-Economic and Cultural Development of Tubalar People of Altai Republic” and expressed himself on socio-economic and cultural problems of Tubalars. The speech of Maria Sakova, chairperson of Tubalar community “Tuba” (Choya District), was emotional. She made a point of federal funds of 34 million rubles allocated last year for socio-economic and cultural development of small-numbered indigenous peoples of the republic. None of indigenous communities got monetary support. The funds were allocated and channeled for construction of social objects without regard for opinion of communities. Maria Sakova wondered why indigenous communities do not take part in the program.
Yuri Tarbaganov, chairperson of ''Al''bagan'' community, in his speech noted that first of all communities need land to develop. We have no rights on the land that belonged to our ancestors. Original habitat of indigenous peoples is put up for auctions and sold off to not local ''moneybags''. Communities have no money to take part in auctions. Numerous appeals to assign land and timberlands to communities were sent to the Parliament and the Government of Altai Republic. There is a confrontation between local population and leaders of ''Stepan''kovo'' Ltd company on the territory of Urlu-Aspak (Birjulya Settlement, Maima District) where Tubalar live compactly. Elena P. Mamasheva, head of the group of initiators, told about the problem with land on the territory of the settlement. Administration of Maima District illegally gave the possession of several land parcels to Stepan''kovo'' Ltd company (Moscow) for building of a hotel complex. Their gross area is 287,123 square meters. Today Tubalars of Urlu-Aspak are cut off from the forests where they used to graze cattle, hay, gathered berries, mushrooms and nuts. Stepan''kovo'' Ltd company also began to build a lake measuring 4 hectares. Fine woods – cedar and larch - are being cut down over the whole territory. They carry out construction work without any environmental impact statement, public examination, sanitary-and-epidemiologic conclusion and public hearings.
A cleavage took place in the republican Association of Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples of Altai republic at the end of 2009. Artyom I. Sumachakov, president of the Association, is to contribute to consolidation of small-numbered indigenous peoples, protect their rights and interests and solve problems of their socio-cultural and economic development, but in fact it is quite the contrary. Two indigenous organizations of Tubalars and Telengits (founders of the Association) decided to walkout. Therefore it was no accident that Telengits from Ulagan and Kosh-Agach Districts were invited to the congress of Tubalars. Roman Tadyrov, chairperson of Kosh-Agach Association of Telengit communities ''|Ere Chui'', suggested establishing of ''Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples Communities Union'' that would unite all small-numbered indigenous peoples of Altai Republic. After discussion they elected two co-chairperson of Tubalars and Telengits for a term of two years: Aleksey A. Shonkhorov (Telengit) and Vasily S. Maksimov (Tubalar). Irina Solodukha, chairperson of Information Center ''Birlik''; Vyacheslav Kydatov, entrepreneur; Vladimir I. Sakpachakov; Maria Sakova, chairperson of Tubalar community ''Tuba'' (Choya Settlement); Aidynbek I. Tazrashev, chairperson of Telengit territory community ''Takylgan'' (Ulagan Settlement); Anatoly M. Tadyshev, chairperson of Telengit community ''Amadu''; Roman Tadyrov, chairperson of Kosh-Agach Association of Telengit communities ''|Ere Chui''; Andrey Edyshev, leader of Telengits and Yu.K. Poposhev became members of the Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples Communities Union.
Irina Solodukha,
Director of Information Center "Birlik"

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