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 Information Center of Kumandins is Established in Altai Krai within LIENIP’s Project

LIENIP NewsThe Center of Kumandins, indigenous people of Krasnogorskoye District of Altai Krai, has been working since February 2010 in the district center Krasnogorskoye (Altai Krai). The center is opened through the grant from the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation within the project of the interregional public organization of indigenous peoples of Russia "L’auravetl’an" and in connection with the Altai regional public organization of Kumandins "Istok". Like any new business opening our Center has demanded significant material, but mostly intangible, costs from the executors at first. The necessary modern office equipment, software, and consumables have been purchased at the expense of the grant. And our first real step was to publish a detailed presentation of the material in the local newspaper "Sunrise" (at the expense of the grant).

As there are no spare up-to-date offices in our district center we have to reside in the Malinovsky house of culture for a while. We hope to solve this problem soon.
It is not an overstatement to say that establishment of our Information Center increased activity of the local Kumandins community appreciably. Permanent Internet connections with regional and central organizations of indigenous peoples, provision of real consultative support to Kumandins on many general or even private issues, advocacy activities of the Center, representation of Kumandins’ interests in municipal authorities and contacts with officials at higher levels have already yielded positive results: they listen to our view on many worthy matters of interest but more importantly they accommodate it when making crucial decisions.
From February to date along with day-to-day work the Center also provided representation and participation of Kumandins community members in the workshop "Interaction between Regional and Local Authorities and Non-Governmental Organizations to Ensure Cultural and Linguistic Rights of National Minorities in Altai Krai" organized by the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation and the Delegation of the European Union to Russia. The workshop was held in Barnaul. After the workshop the Center’s director published his workshop experience in the local newspaper "Sunrise" (at the expense of the grant of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation). Recently, in mid-April, there was a meeting on arrangement and holding of the Festival of Kumandins Communities of Altai Krai in August 2010 in Krasnogorskoye District within the International Day of the World's Indigenous People, proclaimed by the United Nations. The meeting was held in the administration of Krasnogorskoye District. The enlarged Council of Kumandins Communities, representatives of Krasnogorskoye District administration and Krasnogorskoye village council, the district public and representatives of krai Department on Citizens Appeals and Public Associations took part in the workshop. Our Center played an important role in organizing this meeting. Incidentally, the Center will have to participate directly in the preparatory work for the Festival and its holding as an organizing body. Today the Information Center focuses on preparing for a training workshop that will be held in Krasnogorskoye on 22-23 April within the current project. There is a lot of work ahead of us and we are not sure its completion will coincide with the completion date of the project. Under the normal conduct of business and responsible attitude this work is most likely to last a long time.
Viktor Asyamov,
Executive director of “Istok”,
Director of Krasnogorskoye Center of LIENIP

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