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 Important Meetings of Interns

LIENIP NewsOn July 10 interns of Informational Center of Krasnoyarsk Krai had two important meetings in Dudinka.
There was at first a meeting with M. Bettu, expert of Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Hunting of Taymyr Dolgan-Nenets Municipal Region Revenue Board. M. Bettu familiarized interns with statutory acts regulating support of agricultural producers on federal, regional, and local levels. Those hunting, fishing, and reindeer farming indigenes who are registered as sole traders, farms, and consumer's cooperative societies are agricultural producers and can make use of government support on federal and regional levels. A number of goal-oriented programmes were launched for that purpose. But sometimes Taymyr small-numbered indigenous peoples can not receive the support. Actually every programme has a number of limits in practice. Programmes fail to take into account specific character of traditional economy of indigenous peoples, remoteness, and problem road communication in Taymyr. There is still no final answer (on Krai level) about government support of indigenous communities in the network of development of agriculture. Thus Taymyr indigenous peoples as agricultural producers are little involved in government support.
At the same time local financial support of manufacture and sales of agricultural, hunting, fish, and reindeer breeding products warranted by annual Decision of Taymyr Dolgan-Nenets Municipal Region Administration have long ago proved their value. Goal-oriented programme "Development of Agriculture, Hunting, Fishing, and Reindeer Breeding in Taymyr Dolgan-Nenets Municipal Region" for 2008 – 2009 is also being implemented at present. Two marsh buggies will be bought according to this programme. They will make delivery of fish and venison easier. The programme also ensures active informational and consulting support of agricultural producers. The meeting serves as evidence of this support.
The second meeting was no less important and memorable. A. Tapkin, expert of Department of Organization and Protection of Original Habitat and Traditional life of Taymyr Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples of Taymyr Dolgan-Nenets Municipal Region Administration, answered interns' questions. They discussed implementation of municipal goal-oriented programme "Taymyr Peoples" for the year of 2008. Interns were especially interested in distribution of portable radio transmitters. This is a newly introduced and practically the only support of hunters and fishermen, the majority of this goal-oriented programme's measures are taken to support reindeer breeders. The expert explained that each administrative unite of the district sets up a commission that distributes portable radio transmitters on applications. By no means all the interns have known about distribution, even those who live in Dudinka and have active public life, not to mention indigenes who live in remote settlements. Thus good measures built into the programme little come to direct indigenous beneficiaries of the programme. The participants of the meeting also touched upon the issues of forming of legislative resources concerning small-numbered indigenous peoples. Taymyr Dolgan-Nenets Municipal Region's laws in force were passed in Taymyr (Dolgan-Nenets) Autonomous District. Today regional authorities are waiting for draft standard acts from krai lawmakers. A unitary krai goal-oriented support programme of small-numbered indigenous peoples is supposed to increase financing. Present Taymyr small-numbered indigenous peoples' financing is inadequate to create conditions for preservation and development of unique Taymyr peoples.
Informational Center thanks Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Hunting and Department of Organization and Protection of Original Habitat and Traditional life of Taymyr Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples of Taymyr Dolgan-Nenets Municipal Region Administration for their aid in arrangement of meetings and legal information.

Elena Nechushkina,
Director of Informational Legal Center of Indigenous Peoples of Krasnoyarsk Krai

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